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Meet Emmalee Storytime Kid

My name is Emmalee this is my story
about how I moved across country.
  Well I
lived in Alabama.
  It was fun getting to
see all of the states.
  Most of the time
I slept.
  For the most part I have seen
Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming. Let’s talk about
  It’s kind of fun but then again
not really.
  You never know if you will
have snow or not since I’ve been alive which is 8 and a half years, it only
snowed like only four times only.
summer comes it is colder then you being in a blizzard for about a day.
  The sites were pretty it was tree’s here and
there and everywhere.
  The sunset just
looks like the rainbows.
  The rainbows
were so, so pretty if you’ve seen anything prettier you may have seen
  Now that I am in New Plymouth,
Idaho, I met a crazy good librarian Mrs. Amy.
She is really nice.  I am in 3rd
grade my teacher’s name is Mrs. Morales and she is really nice.
  I had a good time you will too if you

That is my story.

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Teen Game Night/Rock and Roll

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New Books January

 090               Cybertraps for the young       Lane, Frederick

CHI JEU          Penguins.                           Jeunesse, Galli

CHI WIS         Morris goes to school,          Wiseman, Bernar

FIC BOX         Open season                       Box, C. J.

FIC BOX         Out of range                        Box, C. J.

FIC BRA         Dodge City                           Braun, Matt.

FIC BRA         A distant land                       Braun, Matt, 19

FIC GAB         Outlander : [a novel]            Gabaldon, Diana

FIC LES          The hunter : a novel             Lescroart, John

FIC LUS         The Bourne legacy                 Lustbader, Eric

FIC MAY         Chasing a ghost : addressing Champagne, John

FIC MIL          Sierra's homecoming             Miller, Linda L

FIC ROB         Indulgence in death               Robb, J. D., 19

FIC RUL         But I trusted you                    Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         In the still of the night :         Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         Too late to say goodbye :       Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         The want-ad killer                  Rule, Ann.

FIC WIG         Lakeshore Christmas             Wiggs, Susan.

YA COL          The Hunger Games                Collins, Suzann

YA KEN           Infinity                                 Kenyon, Sherril

YA KEN           Invincible : chronicles of Nick  Kenyon, Sherril

YA PAT           Maximum Ride.                    Lee, NaRae.

YA PAT          Maximum Ride.                     Lee, NaRae.

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 1.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 1.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 5.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman king (v. 8)                Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TOL         The Fellowship of the Ring.      Tolkien, J. R.

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