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Stuffed animals are back

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New Books January

 090               Cybertraps for the young       Lane, Frederick

CHI JEU          Penguins.                           Jeunesse, Galli

CHI WIS         Morris goes to school,          Wiseman, Bernar

FIC BOX         Open season                       Box, C. J.

FIC BOX         Out of range                        Box, C. J.

FIC BRA         Dodge City                           Braun, Matt.

FIC BRA         A distant land                       Braun, Matt, 19

FIC GAB         Outlander : [a novel]            Gabaldon, Diana

FIC LES          The hunter : a novel             Lescroart, John

FIC LUS         The Bourne legacy                 Lustbader, Eric

FIC MAY         Chasing a ghost : addressing Champagne, John

FIC MIL          Sierra's homecoming             Miller, Linda L

FIC ROB         Indulgence in death               Robb, J. D., 19

FIC RUL         But I trusted you                    Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         In the still of the night :         Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         Too late to say goodbye :       Rule, Ann.

FIC RUL         The want-ad killer                  Rule, Ann.

FIC WIG         Lakeshore Christmas             Wiggs, Susan.

YA COL          The Hunger Games                Collins, Suzann

YA KEN           Infinity                                 Kenyon, Sherril

YA KEN           Invincible : chronicles of Nick  Kenyon, Sherril

YA PAT           Maximum Ride.                    Lee, NaRae.

YA PAT          Maximum Ride.                     Lee, NaRae.

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 1.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 1.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman King Volume 5.         Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TAK          Shaman king (v. 8)                Takei, Hiroyuki

YA TOL         The Fellowship of the Ring.      Tolkien, J. R.

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December Book Additions

370 KER        A smile as big as the moon : a special educa     Kersjes, Michae
790              The 99th match based on a true story.              DiGirolamo, Vin
973              A. Lincoln : a biography                                   White, Ronald C
975              Primitive skills and crafts : an outdoorsman                
CA WOJC      The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey        Wojciechowski,
CHI ALL        Thee loneliest Christmas tree                            Allen, Deborah,
CHI BER        The Berenstain bears and the truth                   Berenstain, Sta
CHI BRO        Children make terrible pets                             Brown, Peter, 1
CHI HIL         Duck & Goose.                                               Hills, Tad.   
CHI MON       Kakapo rescue : saving the world's strangest     Montgomery, Sy.
CHI VEL        Grandma's gift                                                Velasquez, Eric
FIC BAL         Zero day : a novel                                          Baldacci, David
FIC BRA        Tenbow                                                          Braun, Matt, 19
FIC CAN        Just married                                                
FIC CHU        Fear of frying                                                 Churchill, Jill
FIC CON        The drop : a novel                                          Connelly, Micha
FIC DAH        The Alpine quilt : a novel                                 Daheim, Mary. 
FIC DAV        Dying for Chocolate.                                        Davidson, Diane
FIC DEV        Eternity                                                          Deveraux, Jude.
FIC GAB        Lord John and The Scottish Prisoner.                 Gabaldon, Diana
FIC HOU       The year of the perfect Christmas tree : an        Houston, Gloria
FIC HUN       The note : a story of second chances                 Hunt, Angela El
FIC LOG       Janette Oke : a heart for the prairie                   Logan, Laurel O
FIC MAR       Cape Cod                                                       Martin, William
FIC MAT       The Journey of Natty Gann.                               Matthews, Ann.
FIC MIL        Secondhand bride                                            Miller, Linda L
FIC MIL        Shotgun bride                                                 Miller, Linda L
FIC MYE        Butter safe than sorry : a Pennsylvania Dutc      Myers, Tamar. 
FIC REA        Return to Thrush Green.                                  Miss Read     
FIC ROB       New York to Dallas                                          Robb, J. D., 19
FIC SAN        Shock wave (on order-Oct 2011).                      Sandford, John,
FIC SCO       Shattered innocence                                        Scott, Robert,
FIC WIGGS   Summer at Willow Lake                                    Wiggs, Susan. 
FIC ZUC       Lost in Shangri-la : a true story of surviva           Zuckoff, Mitche
VHS             Beethoven and, Beethoven's 2nd.                             
VHS             GORDY.                                                      
VHS             the wild thornberrys.                                       
YA FAR         Kai : ninja of fire                                             Farshtey, Greg.
YA MOR        War horse                                                      Morpurgo, Micha
YA PAT         Maximum Ride.                                               Lee, NaRae.   
YA PAT         Maximum Ride.                                               Lee, NaRae.   
YA TAK         Shaman King Volume 6.                                   Takei, Hiroyuki
YA VAN         Moon over Manifest                                          Vanderpool, Cla


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